1st May - 12th May

What is the

Cyprus Cyber Security Challenge

The "Cyprus Cyber Security Challenge" is a national competition that has been running for the past eight years. It is designed for participants of all skill levels and aims to promote cybersecurity education through a gamified format.

This challenge is structured as a capture-the-flag competition, where participants engage in tasks that simulate real-world cybersecurity scenarios to capture and defend digital assets. This approach not only enhances practical skills but also raises awareness about the importance of cybersecurity in an engaging and interactive manner.



In the pulse-pounding digital realm of "Echoes of Andromeda: Cyprus Protocol," you are summoned to join The Andromeda Initiative—a clandestine collective of the finest hacker minds—tasked with dismantling Project Echo, a sinister scheme by the omnipotent OrionTech. On the historic battlegrounds of Cyprus, where ancient whispers meet cyberpunk rebellion, your skills will decide the fate of global autonomy. Unravel encrypted mysteries, forge alliances with rogue AIs, and navigate treacherous virtual labyrinths in a shadow war where the line between ally and adversary blurs. Step into this high-stakes narrative that blends rich mythology with cyber espionage, and carve your name into the annals of digital warriors who stood against the rise of an unchecked digital empire. Your keyboard is your weapon; your wit, your shield.

The challenge is immense, the threat is real, and the network is waiting—are you ready to become a legend in the cybersphere?

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The past


CCSC 2023: Flesh and Cog: The Last Pulse

CCSC 2022: Rick and Morty edition

CCSC 2021: The Queen's Gambit edition

CCSC 2020: The Witcher edition


Battle Plan

Step 1

Register & verify account

Use the link at the top to register to the game platform. You will be able to access the challenges as soon as the competition starts on the 1st of May.

Step 2

Join CCSC Discord server

All communications happen in our discord server so use this link to join. The discord server is the best place to ask for support, advice or just chit chat.

Step 3


Follow the links above, to old CCSC and attempt past challenges to sharpen your skills. Alternatively, use learning CTF platforms such as and

Step 4


Dominate the scoreboard by solving challenges across multiple categories and become a cyber legend!